Torchlighters Shining Bright: India

Imagine 20,000 eager children transfixed by the story of Torchlighter Samuel Morris and his commitment to follow the Holy Spirit from Africa to America and back again!  That’s just what happened during Transformers’ Torchlighters VBS programs in India and other countries this year. Children rejoiced at Samuel’s miraculous escape from imprisonment, followed his remarkable journey across oceans, and then wept when he could not return to Liberia.  and many committed their lives to Jesus Christ in response to his story.

In 2018, Torchlighters donated use of The Samuel Morris Story to Transformers for their 3-day VBS (vision building school) events in India, the Middle East, Singapore, and Australia. 19% of all the children in the world live in India, and Transformers is working hard to share God’s Word with them. Their VBS resources allow many churches to share the Good News of Jesus with children across the country.

Transformers testifies, “God used this video in a magnificent way… We have never been part of something so special and ordained by God.”  Further, they report that God used Samuel Morris’s story to bring over 2,000 children to commit their lives to following Jesus, just like Samuel!  That’s more than 10% of the audience!

Torchlighters are designed to tell stories of heroes of the faith. We want children to have strong Jesus-followers to look up to as role models. We are thrilled that these stories are inspiring children all around the world!

Will you join us and our ministry partners at Transformers in praying that God will grow these seeds that were planted among children in India? Will you pray with us that God will enable some of these children to someday become missionaries in India and around the world, even as Samuel Morris was a missionary to America? And will you share Torchlighters with children in your circle, inspiring some of them to pick up the torch of faith for a new generation?