Corrie Ten Boom

The watchmaker who stood against unimaginable evil

Protecting the innocent during World War II

Corrie Ten Boom and her family repair broken clocks and watches. But as the evil of World War II sweeps through their city, a new kind of “watch” comes to their care: an innocent Jewish baby. How will the Ten Booms hide this baby and others from the cruel Nazi invaders, and what will be the cost of serving God amidst unthinkable evils? When faith is tested, hope is tried, and love is strained, will Corrie’s God prevail? This gripping episode of the Torchlighters is an amazing story of courage, sacrifice, and forgiveness. Read more about Corrie ten Boom’s faith to forgive the unforgivable.


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What People are Saying

“Powerful Animation”

What a POWERFUL animation of a true story. The quote from Corrie Ten Boom, “God does not have problems, only plans”. What a family, what a woman, what faith. I pray that we will all show this kind of faith and trust in God.

Christian Film Database
December, 2013


As a child, I learned forgiveness from Corrie ten Boom’s story. Years later I would need to practice that very thing when we were held hostage in the jungle. I am grateful for her example and life!

Gracia Burnham
New Tribes Mission

“Highly Recommend”

[The video] shows that God can use any situation to get glory and use it for the good of His children. I would highly recommend this video to any Christian parent looking for ways to introduce their children to men and women in Christian history.


“Kids Love Them”

The kids love them! Keep them coming. They are a great ministry tool!

Harry Fletcher

Corrie Ten Boom

“If you look at the world, you’ll be distressed. If you look within, you’ll be depressed. If you look at God you’ll be at rest.”

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