Our Christian Books & Movies for Kids

Sunday school is an excellent primer for kids to better understand Christianity from a biblical standpoint. But as they get older and enter the teen years, their understanding of the world changes as well. This is where our books and movies are valuable.

Understanding the Bible well is core to a Christian’s life, and a great way to build upon that understanding is through the stories of other Christians who have felt the call in their own lives. Throughout history these figures have endured tragedy and adversity, bravely standing for their principles and shaping Christianity as we understand it today.

The Torchlighter video series is meant as a companion to one’s faith, sharing the stories of these religious heroes over the years so that viewers can appreciate how we enjoy the faith today. In doing so, feel closer to their faith by noting similarities in their own lives.

We believe these are a natural extension of one’s spiritual learning. The Bible chronicles our beginning and how the Christian faith came to be. But how the faith has shaped over the years, how we’ve gotten where we are today, all comes from stories after those of the Bible. Our Torchlighter series are meant to be inspirational as well as educational.

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