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Amy Carmichael

The fiery Irish missionary to India

Rescuing precious children, one by one

As little Preena is snatched away from the most gentle woman she has seen in months, she wonders how she will ever again escape from the temple to find the missionary who wears a cross and serves a different sort of God. Meanwhile, Amy Carmichael is consumed by the awful truth she has learned about the plight of the “temple girls.” Will Amy’s faithful determination be enough to free Preena from the powerful customs and superstitions that keep her hostage?


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“Very Interesting”

My 6-year-old daughter has signed this video out from the church library every possible week for over a year! The documentary portion is just as interesting as the cartoon version. We cannot watch one without watching the other.



“Constantly Watching”

Our 3 children watch this video constantly, and it cheers our hearts to hear them play Amy Carmichael rescuing Preena instead of Cinderella and Snow White!



We are so grateful that you’ve provided a Christian look at history, showed us stories of brave Christians, and built our faith — one episode at a time. We thank you for providing excellent children’s DVD’s — a very rare thing indeed!


Amy Carmichael

"You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving."