The Torchlighters

Heroes of the Faith

The Torchlighters

Heroes of the Faith

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Faith Heroes for Kids

Follow the adventures of the Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith and see how God works through those who dedicate their lives to serving him.

Mary Slessor

The Scottish missionary travels deep into the Nigerian jungle with medicine, education and the Gospel. Can Mary Slessor bring lasting peace to those who’ve turned to violence?

St. Patrick

Far from home and at the mercy of the pirates who kidnapped him, young Patrick is tending sheep and fighting off wild animals — until he calls out to the God of his youth.

Harriet Tubman

Young Harriet Tubman prayed ceaselessly that she and her family would be set free from the oppression of slavery. Little did she know, God would use her in mighty ways to free them.

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Mary Slessor let the Lord Lead the Way

Mary Slessor let the Lord Lead the Way

As a starry-eyed 18- year-old, I headed off to Puerto Montt, Chile for a five-month mission trip before starting college. I was eager to share the love of Jesus with the locals and also eager to hone my Spanish language skills. I had enjoyed Spanish class since the...

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