The Passion of the Holy Martyrs Perpetua and Felicitas

The following document is Perpetua’s public declaration of her faith, on which our DVD is based. Vibia Perpetua was thrown to wild beasts in the arena of Carthage around the year 200. A few days before her execution, she completed an account of her trial and sufferings to that point. Another hand then added an […]

Announcing the Top Torchlighter in the 2021 Torchlighter Tournament!

All of our Torchlighter heroes are amazing people of faith!  Each one lived a life committed to Jesus, centered on prayer, and focused on spreading light in a dark world.  This March we had fun as we placed these heroes of the faith in a friendly competition, The Torchlighters Tournament!  Each weekday for four weeks, […]

Our Christian Books & Movies for Kids

Sunday school is an excellent primer for kids to better understand Christianity from a biblical standpoint. But as they get older and enter the teen years, their understanding of the world changes as well. This is where our books and movies are valuable. Understanding the Bible well is core to a Christian’s life, and a […]

Torchlighters Shining Bright: India

Imagine 20,000 eager children transfixed by the story of Torchlighter Samuel Morris and his commitment to follow the Holy Spirit from Africa to America and back again!  That’s just what happened during Transformers’ Torchlighters VBS programs in India and other countries this year. Children rejoiced at Samuel’s miraculous escape from imprisonment, followed his remarkable journey […]

Martin Luther’s 95 Theses Uphold a Neglected Truth

Back in the 1500s Martin Luther, a professor of moral theology, struggled to find forgiveness for his sins. He punished his body and tried to do good deeds for others whenever possible. Nothing gave him peace until reading the Bible fully, where he realized that trusting Jesus is the only way to be right with […]

The First American Missionaries

Adoniram Judson couldn’t sleep. In fact, the noises coming from the room next door were so disturbing that he feared for the life of the person there. When morning broke, 20-year-old Judson learned from the innkeeper that a man had indeed died of an illness in the neighboring room overnight. Judson was stunned to discover […]