One of the most important theologians of all time



Torn between two masters

Bright young Augustine thinks his mother’s religion is foolishness. With his “superior” intellect to guide him, he sneaks away from home to an important job and a new life of luxury in the city of Rome. When the empire decides to take over one of Milan’s Christian basilicas, Augustine prepares to give the speech of a lifetime to squash the Christians once and for all. With his devout mother and the peaceful Bishop Ambrose on one side and angry, armed soldiers on the other, Augustine discovers he must choose whom he will serve. Read more about Augustine, a man of learning who “put on the Lord Jesus.”


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What People are Saying

“Great Job”

Great job on “The Augustine Story.” In some ways, this story is similar to the kinds of struggles Christians face today. Please keep up the great work.

Ronny Teal
Georgis Southern U


I think this video was brilliantly done. This would make a great timely, witnessing tool even in Spanish!


“Great Family Video”

The Augustine Story is a fantastic short video for children. It teaches them history and great biblical lessons for life. The video is… filled with humor, suspense and positive lessons. It’s a great video for the whole family.

February 2013

“Inspirational Tale”

At a crossroads in life, (Augustine) must choose whether he will serve the Empire or his faith. An inspirational tale of standing up for one’s convictions, highly recommended.

Midwest Book Review
April 2013


“You have made us for Yourself, oh Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.”

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