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Eric Liddell

First a missionary, then a champion

Even Olympic gold will not tempt him to compromise

All of Scotland is eager for their running celebrity Eric Liddell to sprint past the rest of the world and bring home Olympic gold in the 100-meter race. But when Eric makes the stunning announcement that he won’t race on Sunday because of his religious convictions, he is soon labeled a disgrace and a traitor. See how this Torchlighter’s famous stand during the 1924 Olympics prepares him for even greater challenges as a missionary to China during World War II.


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Torchlighter Reviews

What People are Saying


“Always Need to Think”

What was interesting was, you always have to think first about other people and you always need to think about God because he’s always with you.



“It Was Awesome”

On our Wednesday night summer kids class I bought
gold medals to go along with this story and they showed it off telling about Eric Liddell.
It was awesome!

M. David


“Uplifting Story”

The providence of God is strongly portrayed in this uplifting story.

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Eric Liddell

"Christ for the world, for the world needs Christ."