Martin Luther

The fiery monk who sparked the Reformation

Standing up for truth in the face of corruption, and The 95 Theses

In a world ruled by a corrupt and greedy church, all it took was one little nail, one well-written parchment, and one sharp-tongued monk to turn everything upside down! Martin Luther didn’t mean to spark the Reformation with his 95 Theses, but his realization that salvation comes through faith and not works ignited the revolution that changed the world. As Pope Leo X hounds and fights him at every turn, will Luther have the courage to stand strong—even to death? Find out in this episode of the Torchlighters! Read more about Martin Luther, and the 95 theses that upheld a neglected truth. Also, be sure to download our 5 Solas coloring page for children!


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[The Torchlighters’] Luther is no firebrand superhero: he looks grim and burdened while famously nailing his “Ninety-Five Theses” to the door of a church, and when blindsided by an extreme threat, he appears vulnerable and frightened. In other words… Luther is not a two-dimensional character, but rather a deeply committed human figure. Recommended.

Video Librarian


“Kids Love It”

We have just watched The Martin Luther story. My kids just so love the Torchlighter cartoon series that we can watch it on and on . God bless you guys for the great job.

D. Philippe



Many of my [students], even though they’re high school age, have expressed how much the Torchlighter series has meant to them. It has motivated them to pursue the Lord more, to rest more in him, to share him more with others. How wonderful!

Zack Shaffer

Martin Luther

"To go against conscience is neither right nor safe. Here I stand; I can do no other.”"