Richard Allen: Freedom In Following Christ

What do you want to be when you grow up? When I was a little girl, I wanted to be an actress, a doctor, or an archaeologist, it depended on the day! Everyone in my life was excited to hear about what I wanted to do and become, and I knew I just had to […]

Perpetua: Faithful to the End

Perpetua stepped out from the shadows of the underground tunnels and into the glaring light of the arena. The dull roar of the crowd grew louder as their entertainment came into sight. The sand was steaming from the heat, and the scent of too-long caged animals and humans hung heavy in the air. Perpetua shielded […]

How Missionaries Reflect the Incarnate God

I’ve always loved Christmas. The smell of the pine tree, the taste of eggnog, the comfort of being in the presence of loved ones, the rest from a busy, hurried life. I love seeing my nieces’ and nephews’ joy as they tear open their presents, because it reminds me of my own childhood joy. As […]

Thankful for Fleas

When I think of giving thanks, my mind immediately goes to what I see as good things that I have: an overabundance of food, a warm house, a loving family and community, access to education, the ability to work. I don’t usually think to thank God for things I see as inconveniences or annoyances, like […]

Who will you be for Halloween, AKA Reformation Sunday?

Yesterday my four-year-old granddaughter caught me off guard when she asked, “Who will you be for Halloween?”  For the record, she intends to be a bumblebee, while her little sister is looking forward to being a cat.  But the question remains: Who will YOU be for Halloween? As many Torchlighter fans know, Halloween coincides exactly […]

John Newton and “Amazing Grace”

Some of us are tired of the hymn “Amazing Grace,” thinking it’s overplayed and lacks freshness. I can relate to this, yet its words—especially when viewed in the context of when and by whom they were written—give me a fresh wave of wonder at grace freely given. John Newton (1725-1807), who wrote this hymn and […]

Eric Liddell: 1902-1945

In the 2021 Olympic Games, it would be unthinkable for any athlete to refuse to participate in his best event merely because it was held on a Sunday. However, nearly one hundred years ago, one athlete faced the same choice: break the Sabbath or have a chance at winning gold. Olympian Eric Liddell is often […]

The Passion of the Holy Martyrs Perpetua and Felicitas

The following document is Perpetua’s public declaration of her faith, on which our DVD is based. Vibia Perpetua was thrown to wild beasts in the arena of Carthage around the year 200. A few days before her execution, she completed an account of her trial and sufferings to that point. Another hand then added an […]

Mary Slessor let the Lord Lead the Way

As a starry-eyed 18- year-old, I headed off to Puerto Montt, Chile for a five-month mission trip before starting college. I was eager to share the love of Jesus with the locals and also eager to hone my Spanish language skills. I had enjoyed Spanish class since the first grade, and this was a perfect […]

Announcing the Top Torchlighter in the 2021 Torchlighter Tournament!

All of our Torchlighter heroes are amazing people of faith!  Each one lived a life committed to Jesus, centered on prayer, and focused on spreading light in a dark world.  This March we had fun as we placed these heroes of the faith in a friendly competition, The Torchlighters Tournament!  Each weekday for four weeks, […]