Torchlighters’ Sacrifical Wartime Service

On Wednesday, September 2, 2020, the world will mark the 75th anniversary of the official end of World War II.  This is a perfect time to honor the Torchlighter heroes whose witness for Jesus shone a bright light during that dark era.

The Japanese invasion of China forced Gladys Aylward to flee the village where she served as a missionary. She led a hundred children on a weeks-long march over mountains to a more secure area. When she finally reached safety she was suffering numerous ailments that made her survival doubtful. She recovered but not without physical impairment and a glorious testimony that brought many of her auditors to a deeper Christian life.

Serving as a missionary in China, Olympic champion Eric Liddell sent his family to Canada when the Japanese invaded; Eric remained behind in service. The Japanese interred him in a concentration camp. Famed as an athlete, he now became one of the camp instructors, preparing the younger generation for post-war achievements. Although suffering intensely from a brain tumor, he seldom complained. The tumor took his life. All who knew him spoke with deepest appreciation of the Christian character he showed to the end. His heroism and achievement perpetuates his name and the honor of his Lord.

Corrie ten Boom is famed for her rescue of Jews during the Holocaust. Sent by the Nazis to a concentration camp, she survived. It took her several months to recover her health and even longer to be able to forgive those who had killed her beloved sister Betsy and their father. But God sent her around the world as his ambassador.

Each of these Torchlighters was scarred by events but demonstrated the power of Christ in their responses to the situations they faced.  May they inspire children and adults alike to sacrificial ministry, no matter the circumstances. These and all the Torchlighter heroes and related documentaries are now available to stream on