The Torchlighters Tournament is Here!

Two years ago our Christian History Institute office held a March Madness contest just for fun.  Since I know next to nothing about college basketball, I filled out my bracket based on superficial metrics like: cities I wanted to visit, team colors I liked, or mascots that seemed fun. Not surprisingly, I “lost” the pool and dutifully treated the office to donuts, which turned out to be the best part of the game!

This year we invite you, the Torchlighters’ fans, to participate in The Torchlighters Tournament, which promises to be a whole lot more fun and far more meaningful! Starting March 1, 2021, all of our Torchlighter episodes will go head-to-head in a series of competitions to see which is the fan favorite.

Every weekday, from March 1st to March 25th, you will have a chance to vote for your favorite of two Torchlighters. Voting will take place on social media through our Redeem TV Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts and will also be shared on our Torchlighter Facebook page.  Follow one (or all!) of those pages for daily results and to place your votes!

How you choose your favorite Torchlighter each day is entirely up to you!  Perhaps you’ll look at the hero’s faith under pressure or their lasting legacy. Or maybe you’ll consider their prayer life, their global impact or even their temperament. Many people enjoy the original music in our Torchlighter episodes, so perhaps that will come into play. We’d love to hear how you decide and also how your family has fun with this friendly competition!

Tell your friends and gather your family to watch all 20 episodes of The Torchlighters on Redeem TV! The Mary Slessor Story will be available to all subscribers on Redeem TV starting March 1st. If you have not already, make sure to check out her episode before her first competition takes place.

To help your family track the tournament, use the Torchlighters Tournament bracket, carefully crafted with Redeem TV streaming data.

While we can’t send you all donuts at the close of the tournament, we promise to crown a winning Torchlighter on March 26! We will also make a donation to a charity in honor of the winning hero’s legacy.