10 Ways to use The Torchlighters in your Church

Torchlighters Heroes of the Faith videos can be an integral part of your church’s children’s ministry and outreach to your community. Here are some ideas to consider: 

1. Missions Sunday

Torchlighters missionaries like Amy Carmichael and Jim Elliot fit perfectly with your church’s Missions Sunday plans.  Have a showing, use our free curricula, and have a few copies of the DVDs as giveaways.  Missionaries in the series include: Jim Elliot, Eric Liddell, Gladys Aylward, Amy Carmichael, Samuel Morris, Robert Jermain Thomas, and Adoniram and Ann Judson.


2. Sunday School Series

Our free, reproducible Leader and Student Guides provide four unique lesson plans for each Torchlighter hero. Select three heroes to create an engaging Sunday school quarter with lasting fruit.


3. Bible Memory Reward

Torchlighter William Tyndale paid with his life for translating the scriptures into English. Encourage and reward Bible memory by learning about this amazing Torchlighter!


4. Sing the Torchlighters Theme song

Our original theme song is a great way to introduce kids to the Torchlighters series and help them know they too can “carry the torch” into the world. The catchy tune will have kids humming along in no time.


5. Hold a Torchlighters Relay

Get active with our “Carry the Torch” relay! Instructions and downloads for this fun, introductory activity are available here.


6. Share with neighbors in a different language

Torchlighters DVDs all come with a Spanish language track, but many also include other languages such as Dutch, Italian, Russian, Hindi, Arabic, and more.  Check the product descriptions in our store for specifics. If you reside outside the U.S., you might also check out foreign vendors list to inquire about other languages.


7. Vacation Bible School

Choose five Torchlighter heroes and select material from our free study guides to design your week-long VBS. Kids will extend their Bible learning by seeing the impact of faith on real people just like them!


8. Olympic Fair Outreach

Capitalize on Kids’ love of sports to hold a fun Olympic Fair, complete with games and challenges for neighborhood children.  Find ideas like the Sunken Treasure Search and the Tricky Triathlon in our Eric Liddell Leaders Guide. Wrap up your fun with a showing of The Eric Liddell Story to teach kids about an athlete with great Christian conviction.


9. Stock the library

Purchase a full set of Torchlighter DVDs (17 in all) and place them in your church library so each disc will reach countless families.  This set also include the 90-minute DVD “God With Us” about Jesus’s life and ministry, along with the 90-page children’s biography, Corrie ten Boom. 


10. Grow Torchlighters

The real purpose behind the Torchlighters series is to help children grow in faith. Our prayer is that many will begin to live for Jesus and will become Torchlighters themselves, shining the light of faith!