Torchlighters Shining Bright in Nigeria!

by | Jan 11, 2022

There’s nothing we like better at Torchlighters than hearing from the next generation of Torchlighters!  Here is a letter from a 15-year-old fan in Nigeria who wants to carry a torch of faith to impact the world! Read on:

Thank you for the impact you’ve made on my life as a result of your Torchlighters Series. 

Through The Torchlighters, I was able to learn about some heroes of the faith who lived their lives for the sake of the Gospel, some unto death and others unto imprisonment. There are so many lessons learned from The Torchlighters series, some of which are: How to trust, thank and pray to God at all times; how to carry one’s cross and follow the Lord the whole nine yards; and that no matter what happens to us we should never deny Christ.

These videos have greatly impacted my life as a young boy, showing me what a life devoted and totally consecrated to God looks like. Now I know what to pattern my life after having seen for myself the immeasurable results (especially in souls) of a life lived for God. 

You’ve also inspired me to pursue my love for animation so that I can also give back to the younger generations a rich heritage of godly cartoons for their viewing pleasure and spiritual growth.

From, Ayodele O.  

And Ayodele’s six-year-old sister is also enthused:

I really like to watch the Torchligters and other cartoons about faith. They have really blessed me. Thank you and please do more! 

From Morire O. 

Thank you Ayodele and Morire for writing to us!  We are humbled by your words and thrilled to hear of your commitment to shine your own faith for all to see!  May God richly bless you as you live to serve him.

About Dawn Moore

Dawn Moore is the Director of Editorial for Christian History Institute, the executive producers of the Torchlighters. She has been on the Torchlighters production team since the first episode on Jim Elliot and has worked on every script, animation, documentary, and study guide in the series! Read an interview on the Christian Post with Dawn here.

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Torchlighters Shine OnTorchlighters Shining Bright in Nigeria!