Torchlighters Shining Bright: Chicago

For years Melody Fabien of Chicago, IL, dreamed of a ministry to help moms and daughters connect and grow their spiritual life.  As cofounder of LoveTruth International, this wife and mother is passionate about helping families grow in the Lord. She explains:

“There is something so beautiful and special about a connection between a child and parent, especially mothers and daughters. This year God confirmed it was time to reach the little ones—thus the 2018 Warrior Princess Conference was born!”

Melody reached out to The Torchlighters to ask if we’d provide some videos as prizes for the girls who attended. We were glad to support the August, 2018, conference and were blessed to hear of the amazing outcome! 

God totally did an amazing work for our first year through a beautiful tapestry of women and girls from different churches and backgrounds in our city.

When the gospel was shared ALL of the little girls raised their hand that they wanted to put their faith in Jesus Christ. It was so precious!!!

Thank you, Melody, for being a Torchlighter and for sharing the Gospel with these precious young ladies and their faithful moms.  We’re glad Torchlighters could be a small part of this fruitful ministry! 

You can find more details about WARRIOR PRINCESS TWENTY18 and updates for their next conference here.