How Missionaries Reflect the Incarnate God

I’ve always loved Christmas. The smell of the pine tree, the taste of eggnog, the comfort of being in the presence of loved ones, the rest from a busy, hurried life. I love seeing my nieces’ and nephews’ joy as they tear open their presents, because it reminds me of my own childhood joy. As […]

Thankful for Fleas

When I think of giving thanks, my mind immediately goes to what I see as good things that I have: an overabundance of food, a warm house, a loving family and community, access to education, the ability to work. I don’t usually think to thank God for things I see as inconveniences or annoyances, like […]

John Newton and “Amazing Grace”

Some of us are tired of the hymn “Amazing Grace,” thinking it’s overplayed and lacks freshness. I can relate to this, yet its words—especially when viewed in the context of when and by whom they were written—give me a fresh wave of wonder at grace freely given. John Newton (1725-1807), who wrote this hymn and […]

Eric Liddell: 1902-1945

In the 2021 Olympic Games, it would be unthinkable for any athlete to refuse to participate in his best event merely because it was held on a Sunday. However, nearly one hundred years ago, one athlete faced the same choice: break the Sabbath or have a chance at winning gold. Olympian Eric Liddell is often […]