5 Valuable Torchlighter Bonus Features

What is hiding on your Torchlighter DVDs? Get the most out of your Torchlighter collection with these valuable bonus features!

1. Documentaries

Our thirty-minute animated Torchlighter episodes share the main parts of each faith hero’s story, but there’s so much more to tell! That’s why we include an original documentary with each episode. This bonus feature is intended to help equip adults to answer the questions kids might have, but we hear over and over that once their interest is piqued, many children also enjoy the documentaries. Learn “the rest of the story” in these professionally produced, award-winning bonus documentaries.

2. Leaders Guides

We take great care in designing Bible-based lesson plans to help teachers and parents make the most of the Torchlighter videos. We begin by selecting a scripture focus and then weave together the elements and tools to make lesson planning easy. From ice-breaker to application and everything in between, these guides are a well-crafted. Find them on your DVD and also on our Curriculum Page.

3. Student Guides

Our student guides dovetail perfectly with the coordinating Leader guides, but can also be used independently by kids. Puzzles, crafts, thought-provoking questions, coloring-pages and more all work together to help kids shine bright for Jesus! Find them on your DVD and also on our Curriculum page.  

4. Spanish Language tracks

All Torchlighters episodes come with a professional Spanish language track. Many are translated into additional languages as well, with more to come!  Did you know the producer of the Torchlighters is from Costa Rica and many of our episodes are hand drawn in a studio there? We are committed to sharing these heroes globally!

5. Subtitles

All Torchlighter episodes include subtitles in both Spanish and English, allowing you to use them in multiple ministry settings. We cast native speakers for in-country roles as often as possible, which means some characters have accents that may be difficult to understand on the first viewing. Subtitles make it easy!

And a bonus bonus!  They are not on the DVDs, but our online quizzes are a great way for kids to test their Torchlighter knowledge in a fun way! Find them on the character pages on Torchlighters.org!